No question is too small!  Please feel free to email us if you have a question you would like answering about Sadaqa Day. One of the team will get in touch as soon as possible

A – No you don’t. All are welcome to get involved and run an activity in their area. This initiative has been started and led by Muslims but all are welcome to participate. We have taken inspiration from Mitzvah Day, a Jewish led day of social action that happens once a year in November in the UK and other parts of the world. We hope to build on that partnership even more in the coming years too.

A – Definitely! But like any awareness raising or action days, they give a focus and allow people to do something they’ve maybe not tried or have been meaning to do but never got round to. And people like to be linked to something ‘national’ but do it locally in their area.

A – Brilliant, welcome aboard! Our best advice would be to get a co-ordinator on board and get him/her to have a team around them of interested people from the community or from your congregation. Keep it simple, if this is the first time you are doing something like this, you don’t need to make it complicated. Use connections in the local community that are already good and strong. Contact us and one of the team will happily speak on the phone and give you some suggestions of what will work in your area.